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I’m Carlo, a eight-teen years old front-end developer and techfreak. Currently based in Germany.

I love to create new things, and unique experiences. I allways want to know how something works. So I started teaching myself Programming in School. Getting into Web-Development changed for me a lot of things. I allways try to push my work to the next level. This progess motivates me to learn even more, always putting quality first.

I have lots of experiences in completly different types of digitalmarketing. From Web-Design to event technology or hosting. Durring Lockdown i hostet a Live Streams, on Youtube and Twitch, for differnt Organisiations. I just love to push my knowlege horizon and create unique experiences.

Personaly I love good Design (not just astethics) that why i love Front-end Webdevelopment. I can realize both. Good Design using new and up to date Technologie. I was interested about Brand Building so I learned the basics about SEO and SEM and the results i have so far are great.

you need a Website?
you have an idea or need advice,
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I would love to work and talk with you!

When I have spare time:

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